1 Crop Top-2 Different Ways

Greece, Spain, Italy, or Turkey, whatever your destination may be, packing light and in an efficient manner is key. So if you tend to overpack your suitcase, then here’s a small fashion advice. Try to repeat certain clothing items with a slightly different twist. Don’t understand what I’m saying? Wait, I’ll show you!

Outfit 1:

This outfit is comfortable as well as chic. It can be worn when you’re just going about your day sightseeing or just spending time with your loved one in the city. Starting off with the white crop top which is is super appropriate for the hot summer days, is a classic.  Moving on, these black joggers with unique gold detailing are extremely relaxed. Finishing off the look with a pair of Adidas superstars, a few accessories and a classic top knot.

Outfit 2:

This outfit is great for that wonderful dinner you might have planned for the night at a fancy restaurant! Starting off with the same white crop top, pair it with a skirt and you have a completely different look. Add some accessories, a purse for the essentials and a pair of matching chunky heels (or even those Adidas from the previous outfit) and you’re ready for some tasty dinner!


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